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lamb letter, 2019

Hello all,

It has been a difficult year at Sieben Live Stock in that we lost our beloved Emily Stonington Hibbard in June. We, and the ranch, miss her dearly. She was a strong presence that shepherded her flock, her people, and the land in a way that touched and inspired many and helped make what the locker lamb project is today.

The lambs are robust and the sheep are happy. Ashley and I were just out with them last evening and there is a certain contentment and level of peace they have when they just get to be sheep, out foraging and adventuring through the pasture, safety in numbers, searching the plants they desire most and nibbling them and moving on to the next, excited about what they might find.

We appreciate your continued support, and like our sheep out grazing we are excited about serving you again this year. We are honored to share the health and flavor of this place with you and hope that as you cut into your lamb chop you can think of this place, the landscape and grasses, the wind, the sheep that made their lives from it, and that you can taste it all fully.

Here’s to shepherding what you love. Best,

Cooper and Ashley